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Raoudha Abdallah is part of a new generation of Tunisian musicians,  who are reshaping the local musical landscape; She sings, composes and writes lyrics and proposes a new musical project that, while drawing its substance from the various Tunisian musical traditions, advocates an all-out opening on current music..

Raoudha was born in Gabes, a city in southern Tunisia in 1987, into a family , passionate about the arts and music,  for whom partying is a lifestyle.  This offered her the opportunity to develop an almost innate love for singing. Her family, aware of her aptitudes, hastened to enrol her in local music clubs. Raoudha was throughout her childhood very active, both in school clubs as well as  in scout clubs,   youth and culture centres. Music teacher Moncef Ben Ahmed was the first to have detected in her true artistic leanings and especially in the field of singing and music, while she was  hardly   six. Thanks to him, she participated in the singing competition organized in Gabes to  celebrate the "World Music Day" in 1999. She won the Best voice award. This   motivated her music loving parents  to register her at the Regional Institute of Music of Gabès in order to perfect her innate musical gifts. Raoudha then studied   music  theories,  musical modes of the Arab orient as well as   modes specific to Tunisian music..

Raoudha Abdallah made her debut by singing with  the  "Arab Musical Orchestra" in Gabès  directed   by Mongi Souii, which offered her  the opportunity to participate in several festivals with   the most famous local  musicians . These experiences helped  her  improve her art and allowed her to gain more confidence in  coping with  audiences  of cultural festivals

In 2005, after   graduating from high school, and obtaining  a  professional performer’s license, Raoudha Abdallah naturally joined the Tunis Higher Institute of Music,  to start higher education  in musicology and cultural science.    She graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Music and Musical Sciences and a Diploma in Arabic singing. In 2012 , she obtained a Master's degree in Cultural Sciences, major in music and musical sciences. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis in cultural sciences.

By nature curious about everything, Raoudha Abdallah diversified her musical experiences by trying her hand at all genres and styles of singing . This gave her an opportunity to participating in several Tunisian festivals next to several other Tunisian singers.

In 2014, Raoudha Abdallah founded her own musical band, bringing together musicians of the highest level. All of them are music teachers, who graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in Tunis, and versatile instrumentalists. Like Raoudha,  they are open to other music cultures and curious about all kinds of music..

In 2014 Raoudha presented her own show "Asrar" (Secrets) at the 4e Art Hall in Tunis, as part of the closing of the " Free Theatre Days " event. In 2016, her show ‘Asrar’ won the   best Tunisian music  show Award  at the 3rd "Journées Musicales de Carthage" ..


Based on "Asrar" experience, Raoudha went on to the next level and launched a new project called "Gottayti", which continues the line taken in   "Asrar". It was premiered  on February 4th , 2017 at the "Le Rio" theatre in Tunis. In the same year 2017, it was selected to    open    the fourth    "Journées musicales de Carthage", festival held at the Palais des Congrès in Tunis.

Raoudha is currently gearing up to release   her debut album,  which will feature songs of her own composition and other songs drawn from the Tunisian and Maghreb musical heritage.


Gottayti (My Braid)

A musical show by Raoudha ABDALLAH


Gottayti  is an artistic project inspired by tunes and rhythms of the rich and varied southern Mediterranean musical heritage.

Based on a quest   for new ways of singing and new modes of composition and implementation of a chosen corpus comprising Tunisian and Maghrebi works, this production is meant to be a continuity of "Asrar": a project which had won the 'Best Tunisian Show' award  at the 3rd   ‘Journées Musicales de Carthage’ festival  (2016). This show

This project is the result of several months of research in the context of a workshop bringing together, in complicity, Raoudha Abdallah and Mouna Chtourou. Sculpting her art, Raoudha defines her artistic and musical orientations both in terms of lyrics and musical writing.

The project includes new songs. Each of them tells a story, which, says Raoudha Abdallah, becomes ours as well as its own. We are lucky to have art, We are lucky to have music.



Raoudha Abdallah: Vocals

Sami Ben Said: Piano

Hsine Ben Miloud: Reed flute (nay):

Sahbi Mustapha : ‘Ud and Lotar:

Zied Lakoud : Bass Guitar  

Mehdi Bahri : Guitar

Mohammed Khachnaoui : Drums 


The "Raoudha Abdallah" band

The band is composed of professional instrumentalists, graduates of the Higher Institute of Music of Tunis.

Their stage  experience and professionalism give them a high degree of mastery of their art.

With a good command of many instruments and openness  to other civilizations and cultures, they are at home in various genres of music. The group aspires to bring up to date musical instruments from the Tunisian and Maghreb region that the collective memory would have forgotten and are therefore about to disappear definitively since they desert our imagination and are absent from our orchestras and our musical performances in particular; The revival of these instruments is done through the exercise of singing that flirts with the genres chosen for the show in its original form and their particularities, that is to say, their styles and the ways  to interprete  by modulating them according to specificities and a particular cachet.


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