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mourad sakli

Mourad SAKLI

Mourad SAKLI


Born November 17, 1965 in Tunis.

Oud player, composer and Tunisian concert performer.

Has given more than 200 concerts of his composition, solo or as part of the Ensemble Sakli Tunisian Music in France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Greece, Morocco, Germany, Syria , China, Spain, Malta, etc. In Tunisia, he has to his credit important concerts like Hkaya Touila (Carthage International Festival 1999), Ghmouk El Ward (Opening of the International Festival of Carthage in 2003), Kairouan the eternal (Opening of Kairouan capital of Islamic Culture 2009 ) and Terre d'olivier (Closing of the Hammamet International Festival 2011).

Mourad SAKLI is a confirmed neo-traditional melodist. His compositions, inspired by the classical, confrère and popular Tunisian musical heritage, but bearing the imprint of his own compositional style, highlight the Tunisian musical intonation characterized, in particular, by an interpretation and specific melodico-rhythmic structures.



A journey into the depth of Tunisian musical and literary intonation, alternating between instrumental and vocal music.

Misk Ellil consists of selected pieces from the main concerts designed and composed by Mourad Sakli, "Hkaya Touila", "Ghmouk el Ward", "Kairouan the eternal" and "Olivetree  land", written by Tunisian poets Riadh Marzouki , Khaled Waghlani and Ali Louati.

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