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Makram Al-Ansari is a violinist by training. The musical implementation was entrusted to a traditional Tunisian jawk (small instrumental ensemble) directed by Makram Lansari. Produced by the Centre for Arab and Mediterranean Music, it was performed    on many national and international occasions. Makram Lansari is also the founding President of the Rachidia Monastir branch.

Throughout his musical career, Makram Lansari has shown an unswerving attachment to the musical identity of Tunisia conducting research in its historical origins. Convinced by the value of the Tunisian  musical heritage, he sought to compose in the Tunisian musical forms that are now threatened with extinction.

He has participated as a musician at numerous national and international festivals, including:

- Opening of the Musiqat Festival: Traditional and Neo-Traditional Music Encounters at the Ennejma Ez-Zahra Palace in October 2009.

- Opening of the international festival of Malouf in Constantine in October 2002.

- Concert of traditional Tunisian music in March 2002 in Sao Paulo, as part of the week of Arab culture in Brazil.

- Various concerts as part  of his activities within the association the Rashidiya, accompanying  several Tunisian artists including Lotfi Bouchnak, Ziad Gharsa, Sonia M'barak, Sufian Zaidi, Asma Ben Ahmed and Mehrizia Touil.

- A concert titled "The magic of maqams", given as part of the festival "Tarnimet" at Rachidiya headquarters in Tunis.

- A concert  titled "The Soul Talk" at the International Festivals of Rades, Bizerte and Monastir.

- The closing concert of the 2012 International Monastir Festival.

Noubet Sika


The concert consists of an invitation to dive into the world of music "Malouf" traditional Tunisian. It presents a particular version of the "Nouba Sika" and other pieces, a version coming back to Master Khemais Tarnane, from manuscripts from the early 1930s in the archives of Baron Rodolphe d'Erlanger.

Line-up :

Instrumentists :

1 Rabab / 1 Tunisian Oud / 1 Nagharat / 1 Tunisian Tar / 1 qanun / 1 Alto / 1 Nay

Singers : 3

Solo Singer : Sofian Zaidi

Concert program :

Noubet Sika

Foundo 'namit nam lemkhalil'

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