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chahrazed helal

Chahrazed HELAL

Chahrazed HELAL


Singer composer.

Charharazed excels in the art of Arabic modal vocal performance, particularly in the Tunisian and Middle Eastern music traditions.

During her exceptional career, she won fame on the major Tunisian scenes, such as the  Carthage International Festival, the Hammamet International Festival, the Tunis Medina Festival and the Carthage Music Days, but also outside Tunisia, as evidenced by her  successful musical performances in Egypt, Greece, Morocco, Germany, Algeria, etc.

In addition to her career as a vocal performer, Chahrazed tried her hand at composition. The songs she composes reflect the diversity of her sources of inspiration and   her large and solid musical background, combining musical heritage and contemporary Arab music.

  Chahrazade outstanding technical prowess and her perfect mastery of modal vocal art earned her the ‘Best Performance  Award’ at the International Arab Song Festival in Alexandria in 2010 and the ‘Best Performance Award’ at the International Festival of Arabic song in Tunis in 2013.


* 2010: Narou zadat (single)

* 2011: Law Tensa (album)

* 2012: Tarabiyyat (live album)

* 2014: Ya Hmama (single)

* 2015: Ech Mazel (single)

* 2015: Bledi l'Aziza (single)

* 2016: Lik Amana (single)



      'Kunuz' (Arabic term meaning 'treasures') proposes three types of music: Malouf, contemporary songs and Bedouin songs. The point of convergence between these three genres is the Maghrebi stamp. Through a series of sung musical pieces, some of which belong to the heritage and others are composed by the singer Chahrazed Hilal, the show places the music of the Maghreb in its historical setting.

        A rhythmic dynamic, which takes into account the opening of the Maghrebi music on other musical cultures, will be the main theme of the show. The Andalusian character will mark all components of the concert, i.e. pieces taken from the Malouf  repertoire   and  songs composed by Chahrazed Hilal, herself. The show was designed in such a way that the performer enjoys a certain degree of freedom, thereby opening the way for creativity in   performance and presentation of this traditional music, in an aesthetic form which is in accordance with the nature of the Maghrebi music, which, like all ethnic and traditional music, does not stick to the score and orchestration.

The show will evolve from Malouf, to contemporary song, then to Bedouin heritage, and will reflect    Chahrazed concern, to give in her various concerts a pride of place to the  heritage music of the Maghreb, being convinced of the great similarities between Tunisian, Moroccan and Algerian music. Indeed, the points of similarity between these music  are multiple, hence the possibility of mixing them. The body of songs composed by Chahrazed includes a series of songs associating Tunisian tubu '(modes) and corresponding  modes   in the Algerian and Moroccan music .

     'Kunuz' also has a cultural dimension, as it combines the 'treasures' (nuggets) of Maghrebi music and unites them culturally. Chahrazed Helal thinks it is "imperative to produce" new songs highlighting local (Tunisian) and regional (Maghrebi) musical specificities, and she herself has worked, in her own compositions, to contribute to the development of the Maghrebi song. She    believes that the Tunisian song has nothing to envy to the Algerian and Moroccan songs that have a certain success at the international level, and that it can reach the popularity of Moroccan and Algerian songs , thereby contributing  to the overall strengthening of the Maghrebi song. And to achieve this, says Chahrazed, the Tunisian song must have the place that suits it in our international festivals and other major musical events.  

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