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aida niati




Aïda Niati is a singer- composer-songwriter.

Interested in the  practice of music from an early age, Aïda Niati will gradually develop an excellent musical ear and a rich and diverse musical background.

In recent years she focused her interest on Mediterranean music repertoires,  digging into the different local musical intonations and specific melodico-rhythmic patterns. This allowed her to discover and highlight,  in her own way, real musical gems.

Aïda Niati has participated in several festivals in Tunisia, including the Medina Festival and the International Festival of Traditional Music in  Testour. She is also a well travelled artist, who performed many countries, including   France, Germany, Lebanon,   Jordan, India, Turkey and Palestine.

Aïda Niati has a Ph.D. in Musicology and is currently pursuing a career as a university teacher at the Higher Institutes of Music .



A trip connecting Tunisia to its sea (or mother sea), the Mediterranean.

The concert consists of covers of melodies from several countries of the Mediterranean region, skilfully arranged and linked with Tunisian songs. The interpretation, performed by experienced and virtuoso soloists around the beautiful, melodious and precise voice of Aïda Niati, emphasizes the diversity of Mediterranean musical intonations, rich in their rhythms as well as their characteristic melodico-rhythmic patterns. .

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