... the potential of culture

cultural engineering

Cultural engineering

Cultural engineering

- Nature, history, heritage, customs, crafts, literature, arts, shows, creativity, ... the enormous potential of culture will be put at your disposal.

- Optimal solutions adapted to your environment.

- Culture and cultural specificities at the service of your development.

- Creativity, ingenuity and new technologies for your project.

- Customized concepts to better establish your reputation.

- A contribution to the management of your projects.

- A contribution to the management of your events.

- Support for all your projects in the cultural and creative industries through:

  • Strategic advice
  • Studies
  • Evaluation /Conceptualization
  • Conception
  • Coaching
  • Piloting
  • Implementation
  • The development of cultural policies and programs
  • Artistic direction
  • The setting-up of structures, projects or festivals
  • Cultural events
  • On behalf management
  • Budget management